Support Engineer and Web Developer in San Francisco

My skill set includes Python, JavaScript, and SQL. Steep learning curves suit me.


Neighborhood Map with Web APIs

I used the Google Maps API and Yelp API to create this interactive map that shows favorite neighborhood places and their Yelp ratings. A search filter allows the user to search by categories. I used KnockoutJS and VMVM best practices for my code.

Website for ShopKeeper Software

I updated the website for ShopKeeper Software, a company in Austin, TX (recently sold); I used the Bootstrap framework, JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML. Customers purchase products on the site using the AmeriKart shopping cart.

Website for Mauna Loa Restaurant

I created a website for a local restaurant showcasing their menu through images and enlarged modals and providing a form to use for catering requests; I used the Bootstrap framework. The website is fully responsive and uses Google Analytics to keep track of traffic.

Logs Analysis Project

Using SQL, I analyzed logs from a PostgreSQL database to answer three questions. This project runs on a Vagrant Virtual Machine and uses the Python module psycopg2.

"Frogger" clone

An HTML5 Canvas powered video game, developed using the best practices in Object Oriented JavaScript.

Website optimization

I optimized an inefficient web application's JavaScript, CSS and assets delivery, ensuring it runs at 60fps and achieves a PageSpeed score of at least 90.

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